Utilize ADN Safety’s video logging program to update the most up-to-date imagery available for your agency. We are┬ánow recording Video of your roadways and asset inventories. The videos are linked to your GIS and can be used to visualize and analyze your data from the safety of your desk. As seen in the image below, the videos can be enhanced with data overlays such as mile point, speed, gps, lateral G-force and much more!


Multi-Camera Hi-Def Setup

Up to 360 degrees of coverage with up to 4K resolution!

Onsite or Cloud hosting

We have the ability to store and backup the video and image files on your in-house servers or we can host and manage your data on our servers and take the memory and maintenance burden out of your hands and off of your mind.

Nighttime Inspections

ADN Safety can set up your video logs to be taken at night in order to complete nighttime visual inspections of your traffic signs and pavement markings.

In-Office Asset Inventories

Utilize your georeferenced video logs to complete asset inventories to be maintained in your asset management program.

  • Traffic signs
  • Cluverts
  • Bridges
  • Pavement markings
  • Pavement conditions