City Solutions by ADN


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City Solutions by ADN TM

$2500 / One Time
Online Training Videos
ESRI ArcGIS Dashboard by ADN
Apple iPad
Ball Bank Indicator
ESRI Field Operations Apps
*Strategic Safety Improvement Plan*
$4500 / One Time
Basic Features +
On-Site Training
$7500 / One Time
Standard Features +
One Week In-Field Data Collection
  • Online video training videos
  • Equipment
  • ESRI ArcGIS Dashboard by ADN
  • Apple iPad
  • ESRI Field operations apps
  • email and phone support
  • Strategic Safety Improvement Plan by ADN (“The Book”)


  • On-Site Training
  • iPad wireless data package
  • Asset Inventories
    • Traffic Signs
    • Guardrail
    • Pavement Markings
    • Curve analysis
    • Line-of-Sight analysis
    • Video Channel


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